Spring Awakening

Thanks to the wonderful hour I gained from the end of daylight savings, I’ve been pretty stress-free today, and have had one of the best Sundays of the semester. I spent most of the morning lying in bed, doing chores, and studying. Around 1:30 pm, I walked across campus to the Edison Theatre to watch the 2:00pm showing for Spring Awakening. My Acting I class, which I wrote about here, requires us to see two plays during the semester. I don’t usually go to see plays, but I’m really glad I went to see Spring Awakening today. It was incredible.

When I looked at the program, I was suprized to realize that I knew four of the actors. They are juniors like me, and two of them lived in the same freshman dorm as I did. It really hit home to know that the people on stage were my age. I had no idea how talented they are. The show was a musical, and mixed social themes, classic music, and rock and roll. A small orchestra filled the back of the stage.

What I remember most about the performance, however, was the message I got from it. After one of the characters said: “We’ll make a better world with our child,” I realized that everyone can make an impact on the world. In the play, the characters were subject to a stifling society and education system, and were ostracized when they went against the grain. Yet they still did it. They still fought for what they thought was right. I admire that, and hope more students got the message I did. If we all took a stand on things, we could do a lot.

The Spring Awakening Program.

The Spring Awakening Program. 

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