The best place to study during finals week

I really shouldn’t give this away like I’m about to, but I’m a nice person. You’re welcome in advance. Anyways, Rudolph Hall is the coolest and simultaneously least known building on campus. The earth and planetary sciences building, not many people have reason to just wander in. They have no idea how much they are missing.

I had a review session here for my energy and the environment class a few weeks ago, and when I walked in, I thought I was in the wrong building. It might have been the mars rover. Or the rock samples on the walls. Or the seismometer. Rudolph Hall is that building that you think you shouldn’t have access to but you’re so glad that you do.

Now, I magically realized all of this during finals week and ended up getting a good portion of my studying done here. There is a small library upstairs with a few desks that are perfect for true focus. If you’re there with a group, there’s a table outside that works great as well. Since hardly anyone is ever in the building, it is usually completely silent, and completely devoid of distractions. If that does’t make it a good study spot, I don’t know what does.

Also, in 2012, the Washington Magazine did a piece on Rudolph Hall, titled: “15 Secrets of Rudolph Hall“. I still haven’t discovered the giant crocodile or the glowing gems.



A museum? Nope, just Rudolf Hall.

A museum? Nope, just Rudolph Hall.

The seismometer in Rudolph Hall.

The seismometer in Rudolph Hall.

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