The Curious Case of U City Grill

There’s a restaurant on the Delmar Loop that I’ve been hearing about constantly ever since I got here almost two years ago: the famous U City Grill. I’ve been meaning to go for what seems like ever, but have never gotten around to it. Part of my reason for procrastination was that I hadn’t been in the mood for burgers & fries. Boy, I had no idea what I was in for.  Last night, I finally went. It was awesome.

There’s something about getting off campus that is just magical. It’s like going to another world. Seeing campus from

A view of the eastern side of campus, with the set-up for Thurtene Carnival in the background.

Campus from the car.

the outside is something that has to be experienced to understand. You won’t really get it until you drive by, and all the years of memories fly by you in a matter of seconds.

I began my journey around 7:00PM on Monday after finishing up some work. A short drive to pick up my friend at Kayak’s Coffee found me waiting at a red light right next to campus, and I couldn’t help but snapping a picture. I quickly made it to the Loop, where the adventure began.

Don’t tell anyone, but I don’t really know my way around the Loop. I go, but I prefer to wander down the street. It is straight, after all. It is kind of hard to get lost. Luckily, my friend knew where U City Grill is: at the west end of the main business area, tucked away down a side street.

When we arrived at the restaurant, my expectations were shattered entirely. Rather than being the large American restaurant I expected, U City Grill is a small Korean stir-fry restaurant. The owner cooks your food in front of you. There is a main bar, and two tables to the side. The restaurant is tiny. And wonderful.

That intimate, hole-in-the-wall feeling that I've always wanted in a restaraunt.

That intimate, hole-in-the-wall feeling that I’ve always wanted in a restaraunt.

The picture on the right is basically the whole place. Usually filled with WashU students, it feels like a secret dining hall that only the adventurous ones discover. Walking in, we got looks of recognition from other students, nodding in approval of our culinary tastes and initiative to go a bit off the beaten path.

The best part of U City Grill is the generous portion sizes. It isn’t the kind of place that you go and leave hungry – thank goodness. I ended up heartily battling a double-meat Bokumbob (Korean fried rice), and enjoyed every second of it.

Magnificence and quantity at UCity Grill.

Magnificence and quantity at UCity Grill.

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